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Let us move forward

Of late, we have seen several corruption allegations being exposed by our newspapers involving our leaders during their past assignments in the government. While I feel such issues need to be brought to the limelight and dealt accordingly, I also feel we need to draw a line on how far we want to continue to delve into our past. Such incidences can cause mistrust between the government and the people and thus lose faith in the system and this doesn’t bode well for our small society. Yet we cannot forget them either because these people have allegedly usurped their powers for personal gain in breach of the sacred duties entrusted upon them to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum. So it is important to see an end to such issues at the earliest, for the good of the people involved themselves, as well as for the country as a whole.

My personal opinion however, is that when more and more of such cases come to the limelight involving our leaders who are presently in power, it will severely hamper and paralyze the effective functioning of the government. How far are we going to be haunted by our past? As a least developed country we have miles to go and a lot to achieve and if the government is bogged down with responding to allegations and proving themselves right, how and when is it going to work for the country and the people?

Back then, checks and balances in the system were probably not as effective and people in leadership positions were vested with ultimate powers and thus I am sure there will be many more such cases if we keep on digging our past. I for one do not believe that a newspaper could carry such malicious stories for the sake of business and sensationalizing an issue for I am sure they must well understand the dire consequences of doing so especially in a small society like ours.

As a citizen, I am personally willing to forgive and forget as long as a case is not pending in a court of law. Why unearth the past when we have enough to do for the present and the future?

BUT people involved in such cases must realize for themselves, take moral responsibility and retire and refrain from active political life and positions of profit. That would be their greatest service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum. We need to move forward, our country needs to move forward, please allow us to move forward. We cannot afford to be haunted by our past and jeopardize our future. But if people still choose to run for power and occupy positions of profit, they must be ready to face the flak. But alas the country and the people will be the real losers!

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